Monday, January 4, 2010

The Deaccession Discussion Heats Up Again

It's a new year and with it come lots of reviews about how the museum community fared in 2009. We know the answer to that -- not well. The financial outlook for 2010 remains difficult for many museums across New York State.

And that turns our attention back to the selling of museum collections to pay debt. You'll want to check out these two recent blog posts:

Real Clear Arts by Judith Dobrzynski

CultureGrrl by Lee Rosenbaum

as well as Dobrzynski's op-ed, The Art of the Deal, which appeared in the NY Times (online January 1) and Daniel Grant's Wall Street Journal article, Portrait of a Challenging Year (December 29).

These four articles will help to set the stage for deacessioning discussions in our state this year.

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