Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Facebook Friends::Win a Free Individual-level MANY Membership!

We topped 300 Facebook friends this week so in honor of your interest and loyalty, we've cooked up a little contest for free year-long individual memberships!

Just answer these five questions correctly by NEXT WEDNESDAY, February 24th, and the first 5 correct responders will receive a one year membership subscription (that includes a monthly e-news and advocacy alerts, as well as discounts on annual conference registration, our salary survey and other publications). SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS TO:


1. This upstate community is home to a modern art gallery, a LEED-certified university museum, a science museum and a zoo, an historic house associated with Teddy Roosevelt, and an historical society that calls the former New York State Building its home. What city is it?

2. Where will you find Dale Chilhuly's Fern Green Tower dominating the admissions lobby?

3. What is the oldest museum in New York State?

4. In what community was the Culper Spy Ring active?

5. Where in New York City do you go to see the Little Red Lighthouse?



Laura Roberts said...

how are we supposed to submit our answers? if we leave them here, everyone will see!

Museum Association of New York said...

Laura -- submit by email to

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